What Golfers Are Saying

  • “Before I worked with Seth I doubted in my shotmaking abilities, put pressure on myself to get results, and it was hard to “move on” after mistakes. But once I got mentally conditioned I started to go for my shots, trust in my game, and manage myself much better on the course. Now I am ranked in the Top 30 in the state, I consistently shoot in the low 70’s, and will be playing college golf for UNC-Greensboro!”

    James Mishoe IV
    Committed to UNC Greensboro

  • “Before working with Seth I doubted in my abilities, I had trouble “moving on” after a poor shot, and would let one or two bad shots dictate the rest of my round. After finishing my five sessions with Seth, I am now able to focus on the task at hand and not worry so much about the outcome. Seth talked a lot about the mental scorecard and “driving it up.” As I continue to drive up my mental scorecard, my scores have gone down. After just a few sessions with Seth I shot a 3-under for 9 holes and a 5-under for 9 holes. My consistency has improved drastically and I have lowered my overall scoring average.”

    Austin Martinson
    Methodist University

  • I missed 5 straight cuts on the eGolf Tour and decided to contact Seth. After just 2 sessions I shot 63, 65, 71 (14-under) at the next Tour event. Now I know I have the talent and ability. I just needed an expert mental coach to maximize the shotmaking skills I have.

    Daniel Stanley
    eGolf Tour Pro

This site is designed for professional, collegiate, and junior athletes who are looking to gain the Mental Edge to outperform the competition!

Mental Toughness education and training strengthens athletes’ mental skills so they can perform at their best, especially in pressure situations. These performance-enhancing skills include:

  • Internal Self-Confidence
  • Trusting Mindset
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Composure and Control
  • Mental Preparation
  • Anxiety and Frustration Management
  • Energy Recovery Techniques
  • Adaptive and Effective Thinking
  • Motivation and Resiliency
  • Goal Attainment Strategies

“I look forward to working with Patrick Clarke, junior kicker from the University of Buffalo. Patrick is entering the final season of his collegiate career and is drawing interest from NFL scouts. My job is to take his mental game to the next level to have a great senior season and, hopefully, get selected in the 2015 NFL Draft.”

Seth Kaplan, M.Ed.
Director of Mental Conditioning, Elite Performance Coaching

ufc-logo“I am thrilled to partner with Evolution Agents to provide mental conditioning for 2 of their top fighters, Jeremy “Lil’ Heathen” Stephens (#10 ranked UFC featherweight) and Myles “The Fury” Jury. Jeremy is coming off a huge win and Myles (13-0) is fighting on the UFC 171 card March 15 in Dallas. I’ll begin working with both fighters in April.”

“I am thrilled to be back for a 3rd season with the Orioles. We are coming off back-to-back winning seasons which is great. Hopefully, we can continue this trend and return to the playoffs. Once again I will provide mental skills training for all the key pitching prospects in the organization. Our player development program is strong and we are all excited for our 2014 campaign. I report to Spring Training in March at our minor league complex in Sarasota, FL."

Seth Kaplan, M.Ed.
Baltimore Orioles
Mental Training Coordinator for Player Development

Mental Conditioning to Lower Your Score!

We provide mental skills education, tools, and techniques for players to perform at their best.



“It has been a busy off-season. I recently spent 2 weeks in Sarasota, FL working with some of our best young pitching prospects. And In November I am head to the Dominican Republic to work with both pitchers and hitters at our Dominican Academy. We are integrating Mental Training at all levels of the organization and I have no doubt it will help the Orioles to be competitive on a yearly basis.”

Seth Kaplan, M.Ed.
Baltimore Orioles
Mental Training Coordinator for Player Development

Seth Kaplan, Director of Mental Training for EPC, was recently interviewed by TriPreneur TV about Mental Training and how businesspeople and entrepreneurs can improve their "mental game" to perform at their best.