"Working with Seth has drastically improved my mental and golf games. Golf has become a lot simpler since I began only focusing on the things I can control. Seth has incredible insight into the game of golf and how to approach each and every shot, no matter what the circumstance. He has helped me develop a playbook, so to speak, on how to manage a round of golf based on my strengths and weaknesses. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Seth."

Alex Smalley
Signs with Duke University

“Before working with Seth I doubted in my abilities, I had trouble “moving on” after a poor shot, and would let one or two bad shots dictate the rest of my round. After finishing my five sessions with Seth, I am now able to focus on the task at hand and not worry so much about the outcome. Seth talked a lot about the mental scorecard and “driving it up.” As I continue to drive up my mental scorecard, my scores have gone down. After just a few sessions with Seth I shot a 3-under for 9 holes and a 5-under for 9 holes. My consistency has improved drastically and I have lowered my overall scoring average.”

Austin Martinson
Methodist University

“Before I worked with Seth I doubted in my shotmaking abilities, put pressure on myself to get results, and it was hard to “move on” after mistakes. But once I got mentally conditioned I started to go for my shots, trust in my game, and manage myself much better on the course. Now I am ranked in the Top 30 in the state, I consistently shoot in the low 70’s, and will be playing college golf for UNC-Greensboro!”

James Mishoe IV
Committed to UNC Greensboro

“I had been struggling for awhile but didn’t know how to fix it. I would put pressure on myself and then get frustrated that I wasn’t playing well. I knew I had the ability but I wasn’t getting results on the course and my confidence started to drop. But that all changed once I started working with a mental coach. Seth did an assessment and identified all the things that were holding me back and then put together a plan to allow me to execute with confidence and trust so that I wasn’t over-thinking or putting pressure on myself to play well. In a short period of time my mental game improved and scores went down!”

Christian Hodge
Will play at Greensboro College

"I missed 5 straight cuts on the eGolf Tour and decided to contact Seth. After just 2 sessions I shot 63, 65, 71 (14-under) at the next eTour event. Now I know I have the talent and ability. I just needed an expert mental coach to maximize the shotmaking skills I have."

Daniel Stanley
eGolf Tour Pro
63, 65, 71 at Salisbury Classic

“Since working with Seth on the mental side of my game I have a much better process and a clearer focus on the golf course. The game has slowed down and I am able to stay in the present. My game has risen to another level.

Seth has also been working with our members at Old Chatham Golf Club for over a year, and everyone Seth has worked with has improved their golf. His ability to help a player draw out his or her greatest potential is remarkable.”

John H. Marino, PGA
Director of Operations

Old Chatham Golf Club

“The greatest thing you've taught me is to utilize POSITIVE SELF TALK, and a PERSONAL PROCESS to achieve the execution of my intent. I will highly recommend your training to others because it has been paramount to my own success. I remembered that the definition of insanity is doing the same old thing and expecting a different result. I made a decision to act differently and learn new skills to bring myself to excellence.

The beauty of my decision is that it is a process that doesn't happen overnight; I can enjoy learning it, and can apply to all facets of my life. I am very grateful to you and Elite Performance Coaching for introducing me to these fundamentals and strengthening them in my game, in my teaching, and in my life.”

Scott Corcoran
Pro Golfer, Teaching Pro

Bentwinds Golf and Country Club

"Thank you for your time and participation at the CPGA Winter Education Seminar. Your presentation was outstanding and added value to our Section professionals’ learning experience."

Brian Gerard
PGA Master Professional

Director of Golf
Kiawah Island Golf Resort

“Seth was a guest speaker for our Carolinas PGA / Jack Nicklaus Area III Meeting Series this past summer. He was so well received by our Area III professionals that we have decided to use him to present to our full PGA membership early next year at our Carolinas PGA Winter Educational Seminar. We are all excited that Seth has agreed to present.”

Ron Schmid,
PGA Executive Director

Carolinas PGA Section


"Seth has helped me to learn how to focus and understand what I can and can not control. I have been able to use the tools to advance in my game and perform at my best on the mound. It feels great to get hitters out."

Jared Leins

Evoshield Canes 13U

"Seth will be with us all year. It's mental toughness training. He'll concentrate on the pitchers. He'll prepare them mentally to perform physically."

Dan Duquette
Executive VP of Baseball Operations

Baltimore Orioles

“Thanks for the sports psychology sessions. I am much more focused now in every way, and I can just go back to getting hitters out the way I used to. You helped me to get my confidence back and to trust in my abilities as a closer.”

Michael Raia
Senior Pitcher

University of South Alabama

"Seth, thank you for coming to our stadium and presenting sports psychology to my players. As you know, I'm a big believer in mental skills training. Keeping your composure under pressure and being confident in your abilities plays such a major role in baseball. We look forward to working with you in the future."

Darrell Handelsman
Head Coach/Director of Operations

Fayetteville SwampDogs

"Seth, thank you for doing such a great job teaching sports psychology and workingas the Assistant Academy Director. Your instruction, enthusiasm, professionalism, and hands-on mental coaching helped to make the summer one of the best at Dan Duquette Sports Academy. I know you'll have an outstanding career as a Mental Performance Coach and will be an asset to any team or organization."

Kent Qualls
Academy Director

Dan Duquette Sports Academy
Former Boston Red Sox Director of Baseball Operations


“I am a volleyball player. Seth has taught me how to visualize the best play and to shake off mistakes. I now have the confidence to play at my best regardless of the situation. He has also helped me with my schoolwork. Time is very precious and Seth has helped me to be more efficient in my studies so I have time for school, sports and my friends.”

Victoria Dozier
Raleigh, NC

“Seth’s work with my daughter has had a positive impact on her volleyball performance over the past six months. She is a very skilled player but needed the tools to be more mentally tough and have the confidence to perform at a consistently high level under pressure. I have no doubt that she will continue to get better and better and that Seth’s work with her is an important element of her continued development.”

Alan Dozier
Raleigh, NC


"Thanks for all you have done for Kamdyn! She is such a happy child now that she is performing her level 5 tumbling skills again. I think she did a super job setting weekly goals and reaching them! She could not have done this without your expertise and I can see you working with many more athletes in this sport. It is such a mental game and you have helped make a true athlete competitive again! Worth the money! One happy mom!"

Sharon Whitley
Cheerleading Mom


“My son is a U14 Classic level soccer player who was having a difficult time with feeling intimidated by larger players and afraid of getting hurt. Seth met us at a place/time that was convenient for me and my busy schedule. He taught my son visualization and cue words to help him believe in himself - to be more confident and aggressive on the field. In just a few sessions my son's performance significantly improved! His coach was impressed, telling us my son has been playing with more confidence and aggressiveness.

The best part is that my son is now happy with how he is playing and thrilled that coach is giving him more playing time. Even though he was reluctant at first, my son soon realized how mental training is so important with the physical aspect of the game. Thank you, Seth!”

U14 Classic Level Soccer Mom


"Seth, I have really gotten a lot out of our sessions. When I practice the tools you gave me I play with more confidence and I play my best on the ice. When I have a negative thought about the size of the opponents I just visualize myself skating around them and then I get the cocky aggressiveness where I can't be stopped!"

Eric Fitz
13-year old hockey player

Raleigh, NC


"Seth, it is great to hear your "mental tips" on the court during our coaching clinics. The mental game is so important in tennis so thanks for working with our Juniors at the club and for writing mental fitness articles for the website. Our members can really use the mental edge heading into USTA league play!"

Mark Blouin
Former Pro and General Manager

Raleigh Racquet Club

"Tennis is a combination of mental, technical, and physical. You have to be good at all 3 to be a good player. A mental training expert like Seth can help players to be mentally tough on the court. We work together at Raleigh Racquet Club once a month and it's great that RRC members get expert mental coaching in addition to technical instruction."

Tim Wilkison
Pro Tennis Instructor

Former #21 ranked player in the world

"Seth, thanks for helping me to stay mentally tough through my injury and for the 5-point mental training plan to improve my footwork. I can't wait to start applying what I learned on the court!"

Haydon Geratz
17-year old Junior player

Raleigh Racquet Club

"Working with Seth has enlightened our son as to the importance of being prepared mentally and emotionally for his tennis matches. Seth’s counsel has enabled our son to understand that his state of mind has a direct relationship to his level of physical play. Likewise, our son has learned to trust his physical abilities when riskier shots are required."

Chester Brown III
Father of USTA Juniors player

Greensboro, NC

“Thank you for our incredible consultation session. While I spend countless hours playing matches and taking lesson from a pro, the hour I spent with you listening to my mental challenges and coming up with strategies to make me a more effective player was the best investment I’ve ever made. You asked the right questions to “get at” what was going on in my head during match play, then came up with effective strategies to beat back the negative and recruit the messages I needed to be focusing on during crunch time!!

Kirstin Cole
USTA 3.5 Ladies

Yonkers, NY

"Seth did a great job working with our Tennis Academy on their Mental Toughness. He came in and did an excellent presentation and then worked with our Juniors on the court."

Shane Wells
Director of Tennis

North Hills Club


"Seth's advice was truly an important aspect of my first 1/2 Ironman. The grueling course and conditions in St. Croix made this race extraoridinarily difficult. With Seth's mental training and strategies, I was able to focus on the positive, avoid distractions, use my strength, and finish this extremely demanding race with a pride, and most importantly, a smile on my face!"

Dr. Sean Hillock
New York, NY


"I am really excited to be healthy and can't wait to start the ACC part of our schedule. Thanks for helping me to control my focus during practice and before matches. Using visualization as part of my mental preparation has been a big help. Staying sharp mentally is the key when you're going against the top heavyweights in the conference."

Bobby Isola
NC State Wrestler

Raleigh, NC

Other Comments

“Seth offers a wealth of advice and experience for high school athletes who want to sharpen their mental toughness skills which are critical for athletes to develop to perform at the highest level.”

Richard Williams
Publisher - VYPE H.S. Magazine
Triangle and Greater Charlotte